Self-Created Health Proves a Valuable Healing Method

As a psychotherapist, I have long been aware that thoughts, behaviors and attitudes have a profound and cumulative effect on the health--or lack of it--on the people I meet every day. As part of my working with clients with Quantum-Touch, I have had the practice of asking people if they are ready to feel better.  Their positive response begins to prepare their bodies for change.  I have always had clients imagine what it is like to be well, and to wear that feeling like a jacket for a few minutes, making it as real and as present as possible for them.

As a Quantum-Touch practitioner and instructor, I have successfully utilized techniques and healing methods for helping clients release the psychological and emotional causes of their somatic difficulties.  I have also routinely utilized psychological techniques along with the energy work, and this has proven successful.  Still, there have been cases that proved difficult, but not impossible to shift toward health.  In taking training in Self-Created Health from Richard (twice now!), I have been able to add in additional techniques and short-cuts to see often astonishingly rapid improvement in others.

As a therapist and as an instructor at the graduate school level in working with counseling students, one thing that is most difficult is to observe the struggles of another toward healing. It is uncomfortable to see someone in physical or emotional discomfort, and it is a natural response to try and help people feel better.  In Self-Created Health, that struggle is intense but time-limited.  The person we are helping is moving forward through the mire and experiencing it, not being stuck in the pain.  It is a distinct difference, and something that a person must experience, sometimes, in order to allow themselves to heal.

I remember hearing the story of the emperor moth.  A scientist was observing the struggles of the very large moth as it kept trying to drag its large body through the tiny opening in the cocoon.  It would become exhausted over and over, until the scientist could stand it no longer, and he snipped a tiny bit at the hole's edge to provide a little help to the poor creature.

He was elated to see the moth emerge easily from the cocoon, and waited with great anticipation to see how the emperor moth's wings would develop, and was excited at the thought of watching the moth fly free. To his great dismay, the scientist observed as the moth's wings remained tiny, shriveled, useless appendages.  The moth was forever crippled, and would never fly. The scientist then realized the truth:  the struggle of the moth to emerge from the cocoon would force the blood into the moth's wings, which would allow them to become large and full and support the moth as it flew.

Because the scientist was uncomfortable with the process, he proved a tragic hindrance to the moth's growth.  So it is with Self-Created Health. Yes, it is intense and it can be difficult to endure--but it is for only a short period of time if done correctly.  Let us all resolve to allow healthy growth of our clients' wings!

Ruth Franzen, LPCC, MRC, LSW, CQTI

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