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The Role of a "Chain-Breaker" and Becoming Whole

by Mayumi Pachkoski

Client's name has been changed to protect her privacy.

Jamie came in for a personal energy work session. When she came in, her energy was so tight and determined that I felt like she was wearing armor for battle.

I didn’t know what to make of it. Doesn’t she trust me? Can’t she relax and allow herself to receive and utilize the quantum energy? I started to talk to her about why she was so anxious. Jamie mentioned having trust issues. Due to her past experiences, it was very difficult to open up to people she didn’t know well. This was one of her reasons for attending the session.

Another huge reason to receive a Quantum-Touch session was to resolve her current situation. She wanted to start her business as an energy worker but whenever she tried to do so, it fell apart. She even tried different energy work sessions and other things to address this issue but was unable to move forward. She was stuck and confused as to why this was occurring.

After counseling her, I picked up on a few key issues which were on the surface, waiting to be dissolved. I sensed that some key issues were at the core of her current situation.

For the most part, we needed to avoid talking about past stories. Once addressed and processed, repeatedly talking about those past stories is one of the habits keeping our clients stuck in that loop, unable to move forward. We need to have fresh, different perspective. Therefore we, as energy workers, need to be aware of how to figure out those key points without getting into those stories.

We found a timeline which made a significant impression on Jamie’s life in terms of those key issues and started the work!

As soon as I started working, a visual image of chains was shown – and the chains just broke. I immediately realized that Jamie was a chain-breaker. A chain-breaker is someone who’s different from their family members. Many families repeat similar issues or have similar traits, such as unhealthy habits that harm their health, certain character traits, temperaments, and so forth.

Often these things are passed down and engraved so we accept such traits as normal. It’s almost like a theme. Some may feel the need to break these habits, but many others just discourage anyone who tries. Thus, this chain-breaker often feels misunderstood and unsupported by family members.

Actually, chain-breakers are doing their families a huge favor by breaking this not-so-pleasant pattern of habits repeated across the generations. It’s a very courageous act, meaning chain-breakers face more obstacles while growing-up because other family members don’t like or have given up on change.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone. I’ve met many of these chain-breakers who are actually helping dissolve many issues for the entire family-line, but end up feeling alone, unsupported, and confused by life.

We sent energy to a much younger Jamie and held her. Younger Jamie didn’t know what to do with all the unprocessed anger she was holding in her little hands. It was like a fireball. Even though she was very young, she knew that she couldn’t pass this anger on to any of her family members, including her extended family.

We dissolved this anger and changed it into a pink heart, so younger Jamie was holding the love instead. Jamie and I worked together to keep our vibration high, so Jamie could utilize all the energy and bring that part of her back to the current Jamie. Now Jamie is strong and more whole.

After a one-hour session, Jamie opened up her eyes. She told me that, towards the end of her session, her aunt came over to her and said thank you. I knew that many more family members who had passed appreciated Jamie’s role in this family line. This assured us our work was helping.

The next day, Jamie texted me to say that she’d had an amazing session and to give me permission to share her story. She feels that she isn’t the only chain-breaker in her family.

Almost two weeks after the session, she texted me again to let me know that all the energy had finally transmuted. It was a huge job to integrate all the new energy and, every single day, she had practiced opening up the walls she had built over her lifetime.

Now, I’m excited to see how Jamie will evolve as a fellow energy worker.

Mayumi Pachkoski

Quantum-Touch Practitioner, and Instructor
Maryland, United States

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