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The First Quantum-Touch Conference: An International Hit!

The First Quantum-Touch Conference:
An International Hit!

Over 200 people attended the first Quantum Touch Conference held May 18-20, 2007 in Lake Tahoe, California!

Every attendee experienced first-hand the beauty of 16 different nations coming together to practice energy healing, the incredible information shared by the workshop presenters and the wonderful networking of practitioners, instructors and QT enthusiasts from around the world.

The overwhelming comment from those who attended was how much they enjoyed networking with other QT enthusiasts and how wonderful it was to meet with like-minded people. Everyone really enjoyed the relevance of the sessions, the high standard of the session content and the diversity in the sessions offered.

Mervyn Foster

Mervyn S. Foster, UK Instructor, shares his conference feedback on video! Click here!

Our Amazing Presenters!

We received much positive feedback regarding all of our presenters!

Alain Herriott

Alain Herriott

Alain Herriott is an instructor and innovator of the Advanced techniques classes for Quantum-Touch. His more than thirty years of experience in energy studies combined with his ability to perceive energy allows him to explain concepts clearly and in great detail.

Alain's background, combined with a kind, playful attitude has made him a highly sought after instructor, coach, and healer. Alain offers a number of instructional DVDs through the Quantum-Touch store and recently released his new book Supercharging Quantum-Touch. Alain also offers an Awakening retreat/intensive several times a year which focuses on learning how to access ones perceptive abilities, opening the third eye and unique healing approaches using the Quantum-Touch techniques.

Dawson Church

Dawson Church, Ph.D.

Dawson Church has edited and/or authored over 200 books. He has collaborated on articles with many of the leading voices of our time, including Larry Dossey, Bernie Siegel, Caroline Myss, Jeanne Achterberg, Neale Donald Walsch, Barry Sears, and John Gray.

He has recently coauthored, with Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., a survey of spiritual healing throughout history called Soul Medicine. Shealy and Church culminate this work with a landmark profile of suggested accreditation standards for Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology. His forthcoming book, entitled The Genie in Your Genes, outlines the newest studies on the effect of consciousness on the DNA molecule, and how consciousness will become the front line of medicine in the coming decade.

Dawson Church Dawson Church

Richard and Debra Austin
Building a Business With Quantum-Touch as a Certified Instructor

Richard and Debra Austin have been teaching Quantum-Touch for about 4 years and have taught over 700 people. Their Quantum-Touch workshops consistently receive rave reviews and usually average from 20-40+ people. Teaching Quantum-Touch provides their full-time income.

Richard has been involved in natural healing for over 35 years and Debra has been into natural health and healing for about 17 years. Together they have a wealth of information to share. Richard and Debra revealed their  secrets on how they consistently hold large classes. They discussed how to set up workshops, how to publicize, how to build a database of interested participants, how to follow up using email, the internet, and telephone, and how to manage the process.

Richard and Debra live out in the countryside of North Carolina. If they can do it there, it can be done anywhere!

David Wolfe

David Wolfe

David Wolfe, JD is the author of The Sunfood Diet Success System, Eating For Beauty and Naked Chocolate

He is one of the world's leading authorities on raw-food nutrition, chocolate, natural healing, herbs, superfoods, vibrant living and having the best day ever. He is an internationally renowned lecturer having presented more than 1200 seminars over the last 10 years. David Wolfe will answer every question that he can. If you enjoy entertainment, education, empowerment, information, illumination and inspiration then David Wolfe's multi-media presentations are for you.

Joshua Mack

Joshua Mack

Instructor and Practitioner Joshua Mack discussed the use of vocal toning to enhance the effects of Quantum-Touch.

He discussed the various tonal vibrations, and the outcomes that they may produce. Specifically, he introduced the use of a higher pitched, crystal bowl sounding tone that actually encapsulates the challenged area and helps to create a resonant field as with the amplified resonance technique.

His session was fun-filled, full of laughter and brought out the inner child in all of us! Says Joshua, If you dont feel absolutely ridiculous when you first try this, then I havent done my job!

Richard Gordon and Jennifer Taylor

Richard Gordon and Jennifer Taylor

Richard Gordon is the founder of Quantum-Touch and author of Quantum-Touch:The Power to Heal. Jennifer Taylor is the CEO and director of the organization. Together they have brought Quantum-Touch to over 100,000 people in 35 countries around the world.

Mark Abadi

Mark Abadi

Mark Abadi is co-founder and vice president of the International Association of Energy Medicine and Quantum Sciences (AEMQS). By combining his background in scientific research with his training in alternative modalities, he has bridged the gap between science and spirituality.

He conducted research at the Centre for Human Energy Field Research in Exeter, UK ( on the validity of complementary therapy and on the reliability of alternative energy analysis machines. Mr. Abadi has traveled widely and has learned from masters in India, Singapore, Thailand, the US, and the UK. He conducts various holistic intervention programs, and lectures widely on the science of energy medicine and the dynamics of stress management.

Jamie Hopkins

Jamie Hopkins

As a result of independent research on the life and teachings of Pythagoras, Dr. James B. Hopkins was inspired to commission a series of unique musical instruments for healing purposes.

Pythagoras who lived 500 BC is credited with being the father of mathematics, the inventor of geometry, and the father of music. He was the first to calculate accurately the mathematical relationships between the musical scales, the harmonic ratios, and the overtone series.

Dr. Hopkins has spent the last six years dedicated to recreating and manifesting these instruments for the purpose of resurrecting this ancient tradition. One of the instruments has 117 seven foot strings designed for a human being to lie on so that when it is played... the client not only has the audible sensation... but they feel the frequencies resonating throughout their entire body.

Randy Sandknop

Randy Sandknop

Randy is a certified instructor with Quantum-Touch and has been a Certified Laughter Leader since Sept 2001. She teaches and leads group laughter exercises and promotes laughter skills to lift depression and fatigue, accelerate healing on all levels and make living each day a more joyous event.

Randy facilitated several breakout sessions on "The Healing Benefits of Therapeutic Laughter: Accelerate healing and enhance your skills!"
The sessions included:

  • A brief history of how laughter can be used in healing; Norman Cousins and results of extensive research to date.
  • How laughter affects and balances the body, top to bottom, inside out, including how to use laughter for toning during healing.
  • How laughter influences and alters the mind, emotions and moods.
  • An actual group laughter session, including how to access the 3 laughter centers in the body.

To find out more about the Certified Laughter Leader program, please see: Learn the "laugh anyway method for the humor impaired", which, at any given moment, is all of us...

Bridget S. Bongaard

Bridget S. Bongaard MD, FACP
Fellow in Integrative Medicine

Bridget presented " Working with QT in a Medical Setting"

Randy facilitated several breakout sessions on "The Healing Benefits of Therapeutic Laughter: Accelerate healing and enhance your skills!"
Topics Included:

  • Short biography of lecturer
  • The current medical paradigm
  • Integrative medicine and the concept of Holistic Medicine woven into the current medical setting
  • The use of energy medicine added to standard medical practice
  • Developing collegial relationships between medical personnel and energy medicine practitioners
  • Successfully working with patients in the medical setting
  • Examples of QT used in medical practice
  • The use of energy medicine added to standard medical practice
  • Questions and answer session

To find out more about the Certified Laughter Leader program, please see: Learn the "laugh anyway method for the humor impaired", which, at any given moment, is all of us...

Steven Leigh

Steven Leigh

Steven Leigh presented Kung Yo. Kung Yo is the fusion of Classical Yoga and Spiritual Martial Arts to open up energy channels in the body through various movements, poses, correct body alignment, and breathing. It is structured around the 5 ELEMENTS of EARTH, WATER, FIRE, WIND, and THE VOID with SPECIAL UNIQUE MUSIC.

In both Yoga and Kung Fu, the higher levels of training are about opening up and developing one's internal energy for health and a better quality of longer life. "My journey has brought me back to my traditional kungfu roots and classic yoga that's been around for a very long time. I've fused these 2 seemingly dichotomous forces in a simple way to tap into your inner power. Along the way you get a great workout, increasing your strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility."

Denise Godfrey

Denise Godfrey
Supercharging Instructor

Denise presented "Quantum-Touch and Animals"

Denise Godfrey has been teaching and practicing Quantum-Touch since 2001. Her unique experiences with energy and animals began at her grandparents' horse ranch in Dinuba, CA. Being raised on a horse ranch helped Denise to gain confidence in working energetically with all large animals. Denise's experience with animals expands from small pet mice and birds to a Kodiak Bear and twin tiger cubs.

Denise Godfrey

Lotus Denice Levin, eRYT500, CMT

An instructor at the senior level with the national Yoga Alliance, Lotus gracefully blends asana (posture), dhyana (meditation) and pranayama (breath control) to reflect the individual student's intuitive healing wisdom. Body, mind and spirit are supported through awareness and Lotus guides students with softness towards personal depth and potential. Yoga basics are clearly given with further instruction to provide students at every level tools to create presence leading to increased strength, stamina, flexibility and joy.

Stay tuned for announcements regarding the next Quantum-Touch conference!


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