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Bobbie Woodrow

Reiki Master Teacher


Oklahoma City
Oklahoma, 73162
United States

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[email protected]

Bobbie's passion started as a civil engineer, trying to make a difference one road at a time.  He has decided to take the road less traveled and help others find a new road of their own. 

Like many Bobbie has struggled to find his life's purpose.  It was not until October of 2009 that I started searching.  In October of 2012 he started Reiki and achieved a Teaching Reiki Master Certification.  Angel Healing used intuitive guidence fron the Archangels. He wanted to know more so he started searching for answers, then found Quantum Touch in March of 2013.   He took his first class and it made him a believer.  The passion burns within to learn all he can to help as many as possible.  To see a client in suffering and to see them smiling afterwards truly warms my heart and the feeling cannot be expressed in words.  In July 2014 I took Angle Class and complete Level 1, this was an eye opening experience.

Through a suggestion, he started exploring energy work; he began a journey of discovery that pointed him to learn healing energy. Through guidance and affirmations, he has developed his ability to share healing energy.  Through Quantum Touch Bobbie has discovered how to share the gift of healing freely.  Bobbie is a loving husband and father who shares his loving spirit freely.  He always has a smile and greeting for everyone.  With his laughing blue eyes and impressive white beard, he seems to draw people in with just a smile.  Bobbie is always ready to share his energy whether it is in a formal session or with a person he meets on the street.  Many people have experienced the heat that his hands can generate and the unconditional love he shares.  He is an old soul who has found his place by the fireside again. 


Bobbie now practices at Metaphysical Fairs, Healing Circles and by private appointment.



My mom has experienced so much healing thanks to you. She's trying to eat healthy and exercise more. Her memory is returning and has been hard. She's reliving a lot of childhood trauma that she remembers again, more and more each day! Her boyfriend move out today and she is actively looking for a job for the week, after not working for years. Thank you so much Bobbie. I wish words could express how grateful my family is for your kindness.



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