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Carla Chacon

Quantum-Touch Practitioner, Aromatherapist & Plant Based Nutrition Certified.


United States

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[email protected]

I am a bilingual Spanish/English Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner, vegan and passionate about helping others in their own healing journey.

I have been drawn to many ancient forms of healing modalities including energy healing in this life. These modalities speak to my soul’s inner knowledge of an experiential truth that resonates within myself.

My journey in this life has been to reconnect more consciously to that part of myself.  In doing so, I have chosen to experience these forms of healing for myself prior to embarking on the journey of learning the modality of Quantum Touch Healing. I have found this form of healing powerful in helping myself as well as the desire to love and support others in their personal process.

I interact with a client’s energy field in a deeply intuitive way, supporting the client into alignment toward balancing the energy field that supports physical and emotional health. Removing blocks stimulate and restore the balance of energy throughout the mind, body, soul.

I desire to be an instrument of light to bring healing energies to others.  As humans, we all experience varieties of suffering and traumas from physical to emotional.  I have also experienced this myself.  These events have propelled me forward to clear and heal myself in the continuum of life. I have now found myself in a place where I am prepared to share my knowledge and ability to assist others via Quantum Touch Healing where you will encounter a profound experience of self-discovery and enlightenment through your own higher self. 

With Love and Gratitude,


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