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What Is Quantum-Touch?

by Renée Morris

June 14, 2024

You may have heard about Quantum-Touch energy healing and wondered: What exactly is it and can it help me? Well, grab your curiosity and together we will explore the mystery, the history, the theory, and the practice of this remarkable technique that can accelerate healing and make us all healers.

First let’s talk about the mystery that started it all…

Life Force Energy and the Power Within

There is an ancient understanding held by cultures around the world that what keeps our bodies healthy, functioning, and alive, is the free and abundant flow of life force energy. This energy is within us and all around us. It flows through us and connects us to all things. It operates with an intelligence beyond comprehension. It is what we are made of. It is intangible but ever-present.

The air of mystery around life force energy comes from our inability to measure it, to see it, and in the way its behaviors defy the conventional understanding of physical mechanics. We are used to knowing the world as filled with hard, separate objects and not as interconnected flowing energy. The concept of life force energy dances on the edge of what we believe is possible and sometimes even dips down the other side, as though to play a cosmic game of cat and mouse with us. We may not fully understand it but yet, there it is. We know it exists, we can feel its effects and, as many cultures have known for millennia, we can even become empowered to use it to better our lives.

And so now, I introduce you to Quantum-Touch: a holistic healing technique that works with life force energy.

What Is Quantum-Touch?

Quantum-Touch is a very simple technique that supports the body’s ability to heal itself naturally. It involves the practice of amplifying life force energy by linking breath and body awareness, and then directing the energy to the recipient. Essentially the person practicing Quantum-Touch learns how to call the energy in, build it up, and then direct it to whomever or whatever is being worked on.

The underlying understanding is that any illness, disharmony, or imbalance in a person’s body and life manifests as a result of a blockage or lack in the flow of life force energy. Restoring this flow allows the body to heal itself and brings things back into balance. We can think of life force broadly as the electricity that gives us life and makes us run. If the flow is interrupted, then we cannot function optimally and things will start to break down.

Upon receiving the life force energy from the Quantum-Touch practitioner, the recipient’s body will decide how to use this energy to help the body to heal. It is neither the practitioner nor the recipient who decides what healing will actually take place and how. We all have within us an inner healer who does the true healing work. The inner healer operates with an intelligence beyond what we can even imagine. Our bodies are wise.

In keeping with the earlier metaphor of electricity, the inner healer could be likened to a computer’s circuit board that directs the flow of power, detects issues in the operating system, oversees performance, and initiates responses to maintain smooth functioning and to tend to any repairs needed. The inner healer oversees operations and does its best with the resources it has to function well. The more resources, the better it can function.

And so, now we understand that the practitioner is essentially a facilitator whose job is to offer an abundance of life force energy to the recipient for their body to use as it sees fit. The inner healer is the one in charge and decides how to use the energy and what healing will take place.

To dive deeper into how and why Quantum-Touch works, discover the 6 mains principles of Quantum-Touch in this article: Will Quantum-Touch Help Me?

Although for many people, it might be hard to wrap your head around the concept of life force energy and using it to help the body to heal itself, this is ancient knowledge that has been shown to work over and over again. Quantum-Touch simply provides a contemporary framework and an effective delivery system for these timeless teachings.

Where Did Quantum-Touch Come From?

In 1978, Richard Gordon was already established in the world of natural healing and was about to publish the first book on polarity therapy, called Your Healing Hands: The Polarity Experience. A friend of his insisted that he attend a workshop being held by a remarkable healer, Robert Rasmussen. What transpired in that workshop shocked Richard to the core and changed the trajectory of his life. He witnessed a woman’s severely misaligned bones moving themselves back into alignment when Robert had only lightly touched the base of her cranium briefly.

"Frankly, I could hardly believe my eyes as I watched bones seeming to melt into place. Within a matter of ten or fifteen minutes, her spine was nearly straight and her hips and shoulders were properly aligned. To put it mildly, I was absolutely astonished!" (Richard Gordon, Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal).

Richard went on to learn the techniques from Robert and eventually continued the work under the name Quantum-Touch after Robert’s passing. Since that extraordinary moment, Quantum-Touch has grown organically to have a global presence. There are currently over 500 certified practitioners in 34 countries, with over 27,000 workshops having been taught in many languages. People are increasingly interested in learning about Iife force energy and the body’s natural ability to heal. Quantum-Touch continues to uphold a vision to inspire people worldwide to discover the extraordinary healing power within.

What Are the Quantum-Touch Techniques?

The Quantum-Touch techniques are incredibly easy to learn and can be done anytime, anywhere. It is almost surprising at how simple the techniques are. The practice of doing Quantum-Touch is gentle, non-invasive, and comes quite naturally. From kids to great-grandmas and all in between, everyone can find themselves well-equipped to practice Quantum-Touch even on the first day of the Level 1 workshop.

The main technique for doing Quantum-Touch is called ‘running energy’. This is the technique that sets Quantum-Touch apart from other energy healing modalities and what makes it so effective. With this technique, students learn how to bring more life force energy into their bodies, amplify it, and then direct it to the recipient or the issue of concern. Remember, greater flow of life force energy inspires more healing, harmony, and well-being. The technique of running energy is the foundation for all Quantum-Touch learning.

What Are the Benefits?

The benefits of practicing and receiving Quantum-Touch energy healing can be vast and varied, mundane and miraculous. Results can differ greatly from session to session because the body’s natural intelligence decides what needs to be done at any given moment with the energy provided to it. This also means that sometimes the results can be surprising and unpredictable.

Someone could receive a session for their back and then discover that they get relief from their headache. Although this may seem impractical to some, you are essentially allowing your inner healer to do what it deems most necessary in that moment, and it might have other ideas than what you had in mind. The results are also not necessarily solely physical. Healing can take place on all levels, including emotionally, psychologically, and beyond. People have used Quantum-Touch for bunions and also for job interviews, for cancer and for conflict resolution, for skin care and for finding a romantic partner. People have manifested money with Quantum-Touch and they have reconnected with estranged siblings. Ultimately the core benefit of Quantum-Touch is bringing more life force into the body so that the inner healer can restore harmony wherever it deems best in your life and body.

Healing Stories

Here are a two healing stories that will illustrate the extraordinary self-healing power of the body and how the inner healer operates in ways beyond our understanding.

Using Quantum-Touch to Address Anxiety and Panic Attacks

When Werner was at his wit’s end trying to find something that would alleviate the suffering his son Matthew had endured from severe panic attacks for over 17 years, Quantum-Touch came into his life. He learned the techniques and started applying them to his son. For quite a while, there were indications of improvement, but overall it was inconclusive. Upon a major life change, Matthew’s attacks worsened. Werner then received guidance from Quantum-Touch Instructor Deborah Gair to learn how to increase the flow of life force energy and allow it to do its job.

"Matthew was lying down on a massage table; I stood behind him my hands on each side of his head, with my Quantum-Touch pendant lying on his heart. The thought being, as I don’t know what causes these attacks, if the energy enters the brain and from there travels to wherever it needs to go, it will find the right areas in Matthew’s cell structure. The pendant helped increase the energy flow. I transmitted 45 minutes each session, which we did every week. And now comes the miracle. After two sessions, Matthew did not have any attacks anymore. We repeated this exercise every week, and since then, Matthew is free of these attacks."

The key in this instance was to release attachment to outcome and simply offer as much energy as possible knowing that the body intelligence is the true healer. It is the one who does the healing work.

Read Werner and Matthew’s full healing story here: Energy Healing and Anxiety

Hearing Returns in One Quantum-Touch Session

In another healing story, a woman named Sarah experienced sudden hearing loss in her right ear, and was left with tinnitus sounds, popping in her ear, and total confusion. Sarah had previous experience with Quantum-Touch, so she contacted Quantum-Touch Instructor Karina Grant who advised her to apply Quantum-Touch to herself and in particular to use a technique called ‘toning’. They also arranged for a session later in the day.

Amazingly Sarah’s hearing in her right ear returned the next day and she wrote to Karina:

"I think I experienced a miracle? Sudden hearing loss and couldn’t hear anything to hearing tests being normal in the span of 24 hours. Some Quantum-Touch at night, some Quantum-Touch in the morning with toning, per your advice, and a mind-blowing healing session from you with your spectacular energy and love."

In this example, Sarah was able to start working on herself right away using the techniques and her body responded quickly. Then the healing session provided additional life force energy to support her inner healer in doing its job. She said that, "The ENT doctor was stunned and didn’t have any reason why I showed sudden hearing loss at the urgent care the previous night, but the audiology report was not showing the hearing loss. He told me to not take any steroids and said, 'I’m really happy for you. I cannot explain what happened and why but I wish you a great day.'"

Read Sarah’s full healing story here: Hearing Loss Returns

Can Quantum-Touch Help Me?

Now that we have covered what Quantum-Touch is and how it works, you might be wondering if it is a match for you. We often get inquiries from people asking if Quantum-Touch can help them and their specific condition. For an in-depth answer, read the article: Will Quantum-Touch Help Me?

But in the meantime, the short answer is YES. Quantum-Touch can help everyone. It is one of the best and easiest ways a person can improve their life on all levels. When life force energy flows abundantly and freely, harmony can be restored in ways beyond imagination. We do not know the limits of this work. We maintain that Quantum-Touch is such an important life skill that it should be taught to children when they are young.

Founder Richard Gordon painted an extraordinary vision for the future of this work: "I see a day when healing becomes a universal skill, and the level of pain and suffering on the planet is reduced to a small fraction of what we see today. I have seen families drawn close through their practice of healing each other. I foresee a day when the family of humankind can draw closer through the innate and universal power of loving each other with the use of this healing energy." (Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal)

It is important to remember, however, that Quantum-Touch is not going to fix you, but it will support your body in healing itself and it will provide it with the energy to do the healing work. You are your own healer. Quantum-Touch can be used for any condition you may be experiencing in your body, for any disharmony in your life, and also as a preventative measure for staying healthy, joyful, and vibrant.

What Does a Quantum-Touch Session Look Like?

Quantum-Touch is a versatile modality. There are many ways to experience a session and this can be done in-person or remotely. For in-person sessions, practitioners will use either a hands-on method or ‘hands hovering’. So the recipient would at the most feel a very light touch from the practitioner. There is no physical manipulation or pressure. It is fairly common for recipients to feel the effects of the energy movement. This can include tingling, heat, release of tension, and other subtle sensations.

Remote sessions can be done via phone, video call, or email. Recipients can also choose to have the practitioner send the energy while they themselves are at work, sleeping, or doing any other manner of activity. Remote sessions can also be used for sending energy into the past or for future events as well like an important interview, a surgery, business negotiations, and so on. Yes, energy healing can be effective for bringing healing and harmony to past and future circumstances, too. The energy has a harmonizing effect whether it is directed to the body or to a life event. For those of you who are new to this work, this concept may still be a bit baffling, but the best way to test it out is to try it out.

Is Quantum-Touch the Right Thing for Me?

People often say that they feel drawn to Quantum-Touch or they just ‘had a feeling’ about it. We have also noticed that Quantum-Touch will often pop up on someone’s radar at exactly the right time for them. So, if this is the case for you, then your inner healer just might be leading you here. And if you haven’t received any special intuition about it but are simply curious or looking for alternative methods, then that is great too. Keep in mind as well that you do not need to be unwell or have a specific condition before trying a session. There is no need to ‘believe in it’ either. Quantum-Touch does not rely on belief to work effectively.

The first step to trying it out is to book a session with a certified practitioner. Quantum-Touch can only be practiced professionally by those who have become officially certified by the head office. To find a certified practitioner, browse the database on the Quantum-Touch website, where you will be able to read about each practitioner. You can also search by location and language. Each practitioner runs their business and bookings in their own way, so once you find a practitioner you’d like to work with, then go ahead and contact them directly to set up the session. For a practitioner recommendation, simply email the head office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Browse the Certified Practitioner Database here

Stepping Into the Mystery

By stepping into the mystery of life force energy and the empowering practice of Quantum-Touch energy healing, we find ourselves at the threshold of a unique point in history where ancient wisdom meets modern application, where healing is not only possible but completely natural, and where we discover transformative practices that can bring healing, harmony, and even miracles into our lives. Understanding life force energy as the fuel and the inner healer as the operating system releases us from old ideas of how healing happens and connects us to a deeper understanding of who we are and what we are capable of. We now understand that no one can fix us. We are our own self-healers. </p.

Quantum-Touch opens the door to an optimistic future where energy healing is practiced by all as a life skill. Together we are ushering in a harmonious and compassionate existence for ourselves and for future generations. Where there is more healing, there is more love and greater joy. We can all benefit from the wisdom of life force energy and the practice of Quantum-Touch. We can all discover the healer within.


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