Unique offering from Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum-Touch

I’ve been creating visionary art for the last 30 years as an advocation, and now feel guided to share it with you.  The art is an expression of an inspiration to explore the realms of imagination.  I often combine elements of the familiar with the unknown. It is as if the world were both real and somehow as yet undreamed.  You may have seen my art on the cover of “The New Human” and “The Secret Nature of Matter”.

All the images combine the known and the unknown to go beyond the ordinary to touch our souls. We are more than we can imagine, and the pictures express the ineffable qualities of being spiritual beings. All the pieces speak to the subconscious to stimulate us to become more.

These Works are More than Just Art!

I will personally charge and sign each one. When you observe them, you can send energy to the art, and receive it in return! Each image will be printed on a fine archival paper which can last a lifetime. Under glass or plexiglass, the vibrancy of the colors look spectacular.

The prints are 20” X 20” and will be personally signed and charged.

Images will come in rolled in a tube, and you can choose the way you wish to frame them.

Much love,
Richard Gordon


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$37.25 $149.00 each

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$37.25 $149.00 each